Why You Need to Go Organic with Your Skin Care

Immortelle living blog post, why you need to go organic with your skin care

Did you know our skin is our largest organ, making up approximately 16% of our body weight? It’s our protector, our barrier against the outside world. Among other essential functions, it helps regulate our body temperature, prevents dehydration, and shields us from other damaging environmental elements.

Shouldn’t something that important receive the best care and highest quality products available? We sure think so! If you’ve ever wondered if going organic with your skincare regimen is really worth it, this article is for you.

why you need to go organic with your skin care, conventional skincare products: what are you actually getting

There are thousands of ingredients—most of them synthetic—that go into the most popular cosmetic products, including skincare formulas. In fact, a large bulk of these ingredients are banned throughout Europe and many other countries, but not in the United States.

The EU, for example, has banned about 1,300 chemicals known or suspected of causing cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm, and/or birth defects. The American FDA, by contrast, has banned or restricted only 11.

A large reason for this comes down to cost. It’s simply more expensive to source and formulate organic ingredients compared to artificial ones. Organic ingredients also tend to have shorter shelf lives. Ever heard of quantity over quality? It’s just much cheaper for a retailer to purchase products in bulk that boast longer shelf lives. Unfortunately, longer shelf lives almost always come at the cost of potentially dangerous synthetic ingredients. 

If you double check the label on your skincare products, you might notice that a lot of them list water mixed with synthetics or artificial dyes & fragrance first. This essentially means that you’re getting a lot of fillers—many of which have been tied to long term negative health effects not to mention less healthy skin—and only a little of the actual product. 

You might also see a lengthy list of ingredients you can’t pronounce. Take that as a warning sign. Many of these genetically engineered synthetics have been tied with frightening side effects, dramatically impacting both your hormones and endocrine function as a whole. Some also contain drying agents that actually irritate your skin, aggravating the very problems you were hoping your skincare products would help soothe or solve.

We know this all sounds a bit scary—but don’t fret! You don’t have to memorize a bunch of complicated chemical names to know what to avoid and how—you just need to go organic and follow the guidelines we lay out below. 

why you need to go organic with your skin care, shop organic anti-aging skincare lineup
why you need to go organic with your skin care, why go organic? why is it so important?

It’s Better for You

In the same way we care about what we put into our bodies, we should care just as much about what we put onto our bodies. It’s simple: skin is absorbent and whatever we put on it, often ends up in our bloodstreams. 

In general, certified organic products are made from naturally-occurring ingredients and far safer to use, free of the toxic ingredients we all need to do our very best to avoid.

Certified Organic means…

  • No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers at any stage of the process
  • No GMOs (genetically modified organisms), growth hormones or regulators
  • No artificial fragrances, colors, preservatives, or chemicals (including infamously bad parabens and sulphates)

In other words, organic skin care is more nutrient-dense and designed to nourish and improve your skin from the inside out. Certified organic products are not loaded with filler ingredients either. They also contain far more vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, and fatty acids—the wholesome ingredients that actually improve the quality of your skin, helping you avoid signs of premature aging, blemishes, breakouts, and other skincare issues.

why you need to go organic with your skin care, why go organic? , shop immortelle living kit

Better for the Environment

Conventional production processes can leave a harmful footprint on our planet. Organic farming practices, on the other hand, by law adhere to stricter standards that are more sustainable and environmentally conscious. They also promote ecological balance and biodiversity conservation.

So, Is it Worth It?

If the quality and look of your skin, not to mention the health of our planet, matter to you—then absolutely! We each only get one body and one Earth, so we better do our best to take care of both.  

Bottom line: If you make the switch to organic skincare products and prioritize the importance of a smart, safe daily skincare regimen, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the results. But don’t take our word for it—give it a try and see the results for yourself. Happier, healthier skin is just around the corner!


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