7 Essential Post-Workout Skincare Tips

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Love the gym or yoga studio but hate how your skin feels and looks afterward? 

You’re not alone. Redness, irritation, blemishes, sun damage and inflammation are all common just minutes or even days after a workout. If you’re not already following the tips below, you could be wrecking your complexion—and confidence—without even realizing it.

The following guidelines will help you emerge from your next run, gym session or yoga routine with the refreshed, youthful glow you deserve after working up a good sweat.

7 essential post-workout skincare tips, wash your face

Cleansing after a workout—like right after!—is a must. The excess dirt, oil and sweat that comes with exercise quickly dries and cakes onto our skin, clogging our pores, which can cause a laundry list of yucky skin reactions. Puffiness, redness, pimples—you name it. And the longer you wait to cleanse, the worse your skin is likely to look afterward, sometimes for weeks to come. 

If you typically only cleanse your face after working out, you’re skipping out on another essential spot: your neck. After all, where do you think all that sweat and oil from your face ends up? 

Apart from cleansing your face and neck, make sure to remove all your fitness gear and clothing as soon as you’re done working out, followed up by a shower. Athletic apparel tends to trap in warmth, sweat and skin oils, which can easily cause skin problems across your entire body. We get it—sometimes you just want to lounge around in your yoga pants after an exhausting workout, but promptly removing your gym attire is crucial to avoiding fungal acne, bacterial infections, and breakouts post workout. 

To properly cleanse after your next workout, go with lukewarm water. You don’t want intense hot or cold, as both can cause further irritation. And because the skin on our faces and necks is usually a little agitated and inflamed post workout, take your time and be gentle. Avoid applying too much pressure or using motions that roughly pull or tug at your skin. 

Using an oil-based cleanser, start by gently massaging your face in small, circular motions, working your way from the middle of your face outward. For your neck, use small circles in an upward motion. Because the skin around your eyes is more fragile, use just the tips of your fingers, carefully gliding back and forth over your eyelids and just under your eyes.

After cleansing for at least 1 minute, gently rinse your face and pat it dry with a clean, soft cloth. 

If you wear makeup daily, we suggest double cleansing to avoid clogged pores. All you need to do is repeat the process above using a light, water-based cleanser after your initial oil-based cleanse.

7 essential post-workout skincare tips, tone

Toning is excellent for balancing and hydrating, and your skin will reward you with a better complexion if you treat it to both after your next workout. 

The soothing Lavender Anti-Aging Toner is an excellent option for calming your skin after some rigorous movement. If you often feel depleted and sluggish after working out, go with our energizing Grapefruit & Aloe Toner instead! They’re both luxuriously moisturizing and, because they contain the anti-aging powerhouse immortelle oil, both help reduce and prevent wrinkles, scarring, sun damage, stretch marks, and other blemishes.

The best time to tone is immediately after cleansing. Lightly but thoroughly spritz your entire face and neck, and allow your chosen toner to soak for 1–2 minutes. This will soothe and prevent redness and inflammation for a more vibrant and even skin tone. Both toners also target the hidden dirt, oils, and makeup that tend to cause skin blemishes and inflammation following a workout. 

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7 essential post-workout skincare tips, grab your jade roller

Did you know your trusty Jade Roller can help you soothe and avoid post-workout redness and inflammation? Giving yourself a Jade Roller massage is not only relaxing and an effective way to pause and positively reflect on completing your workout, it’s fantastic for the health, look, and feel of your skin, especially following a rigorous gym session or run. 

For best results, store your Jade Roller in the refrigerator in between uses and apply the Anti-Aging Facial Serum to your face and neck before beginning your massage routine. 

New to Jade Rolling? Check out the post below to learn more about the benefits of Jade Roller massages and how you can easily add it into your skincare routine

7 essential post-workout skincare tips, why you need to start using a jade roller today
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7 essential post-workout skincare tips, skip intense skin treatments and exfoliating

We’re all for exfoliating and spot treatments, but immediately after a workout is not the right time for it. Your skin is simply too sensitive and prone to microabrasions after an intense exercise. It’s best to save these steps for your normal evening skincare routine. 

7 essential post-workout skincare tips, organize a travel skincare bag

If you normally exercise away from home, an on-the-go skincare bag can be a lifesaver. Having a travel bag with all your go-to products readily available makes caring for your skin after a workout that much easier and harder to forget or skip. 

If your favorite products are too large for a travel bag, don’t worry, you can usually find reusable travel-sized containers at your local supermarket. Better yet, how about reusing some of the empty makeup packaging floating around your bathroom. 

At the very least, we suggest including a cleanser, a toner, a serum, a moisturizer, sunblock or sunscreen, and a small, clean towel to dry your face and neck!

7 essential post-workout skincare tips, drink plenty of water

Sure, it sounds obvious but almost everyone walks around each day dehydrated to some degree, especially after a workout. 

Believe it or not, hydrating from the inside out has an even larger impact on the look and feel of your skin than topical serums and moisturizers. When we’re dehydrated our skin looks older, drier and less full plump. So if you want dewy, glowing skin, you better drink up

To make this easier, we suggest always having water on hand by keeping a refillable bottle or jug on you at all times—at work, in your car during errands, and definitely

7 essential post-workout skincare tips, don't forget your sunblock

If your exercise takes you outdoors, make sure to pack sunblock or sunscreen. UVA rays from the sun are one of the principal causes or premature aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, skin discoloration and spots, not to mention saggier, older-looking skin.

To protect your complexion and body from the embarrassing consequences of sun damage, apply a non-toxic, preferably natural, sunblock 10–15 mins before heading outside. We also suggest wearing a cap and seeking shade as much as possible.

To reduce, prevent, or reverse any sun damage you experience, such as dark spots, scarring, and other blemishes, simply dilute 4-8 drops of immortelle oil (aka Helichrysum italicum essential oil) per 1 oz. almond, coconut or jojoba oil, and apply to affected areas.

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