5 Tips for Better Winter Skin

Immortelle blog post, 5 Tips for Better Winter Skin

Winter’s cooler, arid air causes severe dryness, redness, irritation and even cracking, making our skin appear older and duller. But we’re not going to let that happen to you. Here are 5 tips to keep your skin looking fresh, healthy, and younger all winter long.

5 Tips for Better Winter Skin, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

Bottom line: during the colder months, you need to moisturize almost every chance you can get. And thankfully it’s not as boring as just applying your everyday moisturizer a few more times each day.

For example, before your next soak in the tub, try adding 10-15 drops of immortelle essential oil to your bath. Not only will this help you avoid dry skin, immortelle oil is widely celebrated for its stress-relieving effects. For extra relaxation, diffuse immortelle oil while you soak, too—it’s heavenly! Word of warning: because soaking in hot water will likely dehydrate both you and your skin, you’ll want to avoid unnecessarily long baths with too-hot water, and grab a drink when you’re done. (but we’ll talk more about that below). 

If you only use water or cream-based moisturizers, your skin will need some extra TLC this winter. This is where essential oils can be a big help. Adding 3-5 drops of immortelle oil to your daily moisturizer will give you the deeper, more nourishing hydration your skin desperately needs during the colder months of the year. For best results, use the Anti-Aging Facial Serum daily after toning.

Prevent Dry, Cracked Lips, too. You can combat this unflattering and painful consequence of winter by mixing up your own natural lip balm at home! Just combine 3-5 drops of immortelle oil to a tablespoon of your favorite carrier oil like coconut or jojoba. Use your fingers to gently spread the mixture all over your lips and store any leftover balm in an air-tight container for up to 7 days. Apply throughout the day as needed or nightly before bed.

5 tips for better winter skin, make hydration a priority.

For peak health and beauty, your skin needs to be hydrated not just from the outside, but the inside, too. In others, if you want to maintain your natural glow, you need to drink enough water. Like any organ—and our skin’s the biggest one—without adequate hydration our skin can’t function properly, resulting in drier, more irritated and older-looker skin. Aim to drink 1-2 cups of water per hour. Carrying a reusable water bottle to work, and keeping it on you during errands and workouts, will make hitting that goal much, much easier. 

5 Tips for better winter skin, avoid long, hot showers and baths.

There’s nothing quite like steamy showers and hot baths this time of year. Unfortunately, they’re not doing your skin any favors. Extended exposure to hot water sucks precious moisture out of our skin, leading to severe dryness and redness, which can aggravate pre-existing issues like wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis, and more.

We definitely understand that baths are about more than getting clean—they’re an awesome and often necessary way to unwind and recenter your thoughts after a long day or week. So we’re certainly not suggesting you give them up entirely. Instead, you just need to avoid unnecessarily long or excessively hot showers and baths. Just dial down the heat a bit, keep baths under 45 mins, and you should be just fine. 

As mentioned above, adding 10-15 drops of immortelle essential oil to your bath can do wonders for avoiding post-soak dryness and redness. It’s excellent for increasing the stress-relieving effects of your bath, too. 

5 Tips for better winter skin, turn down the heat

If you’re anything like us, as soon as the outside temperature drops, you crank up your home’s heater for some quick relief. But just as with hot water, hot air can wreak havoc on our skin and fast.

This winter, do your skin a favor by maintaining a lower heater setting than usual. Cozy blankets, fuzzy socks, and cuddly robes can easily make up the difference. 

5 tips for better winter skin, invest in a humidifier

Using steam or water vapor, humidifiers are a quick and easy way to fend off indoor dryness. Just place them in the most-frequented areas of your home and the bedroom where you sleep. That’s all there is to it. 

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